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Could election season be harming your marriage?

For some couples, Election Day cannot come soon enough. Many elements of marriage can threaten a particular union and political infighting can add tension to already strained spousal relationships. Though it would be lovely if everyone could get along like political power couple and polar opposites James Carville and Mary Matalin do, that ideal is simply not realistic.

Baby boomers changing landscape of marriage in the U.S.

Today's baby boomers are far more likely to be single than people in their age group were in the past. In 2010, according to an analysis of recent census data conducted by Bowling Green State University, about a third of Americans aged 46 to 64 were single due to divorce, separation or never being married. In 1970, only 13 percent were. That's a huge difference. Boomers have always been known for doing things differently than previous generations. Their willingness to be single in middle age, even after a long-term marriage, is no exception. Some reasons for this change include the growing financial independence of women, which enables them to live on their own, less social pressure to be married, a declining stigma against getting divorced later in life and increased life expectancies, which make people more reluctant to stay in unhappy marriages.

Reformers push for modifications to alimony laws

In Texas and many states across the country, alimony laws are long-established and attempt to ensure the support of one spouse after a divorce. But many states are considering and embracing reforms to those laws. Advocates of the changes argue that alimony laws as they currently exist are outdated and do not reflect the nature of modern day marriage and divorce.

Study: Materialism and marriage don't mix

Money can't buy you happiness. That's the saying, right? And, according to a recent study, that saying holds true for happiness in marriage. Researchers from Brigham Young University and William Paterson University conducted a study that suggests that marriages with materialistic partners might be likelier to end in divorce.

Southern values in Texas: Do they set couples up for divorce?

Texas is famous for doing everything big, and when it comes to divorce, apparently that's bigger here, too. Many people look at Texas and think that the Southern values mean something with regards to lasting marriages, but that's apparently not true.

Are singles more beneficial to society?

For many men and women, there is this pressure that begins, likely somewhere in their twenties or thirties, that tells them in order to be successful they must get married. Studies have shown that men and women are waiting until they are older to marry, but that trend doesn't mean that society has stopped putting a lot of emphasis on the value of marriage.

Census report: Divorce rates go up down south

According to a recent study by the U.S. Census Bureau, marriage and divorce trends in the country have taken an unpredictable turn. Many of us have ideas about how people in different parts of the country might think and act. People in California are laid back and beautiful, New Yorkers are always on the move, Minnesotans talk kind of funny and Texans, well they like football, barbecue and some might say they have some of the strongest family values of anyone in the U.S.

Part Two: Is Couple's Publicized Marriage a Shame or Brave Leap?

Yesterday's post left off contemplating what a couple would do when faced with new, "unconditional love" while already married with children. As The New York Times puts it, "What happens when love comes at the wrong time?" That question is what has split critics' views of a New York couple's ultimate decision to divorce their prior spouses in order to marry each other.

Part One: Is Couple's Publicized Marriage a Shame or Brave Leap?

Over the past week, the media has been buzzing about a New York couple's family decision. Some are looking at the couple's decision to divorce and get married as an affront to marriage vows. But others defend the couple's decision and argue that timing doesn't work out perfectly for everybody, and everyone deserves a chance at incredible love.


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