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Murder doesn't alter wife's rights to marital assets post divorce

"I find that the marriage is irretrievably broken," ruled a judge last week in a nationally notable divorce case. We have written about supposed "irreconcilable differences" on this family law blog before. But this out-of-state case provides an extreme example of a circumstance that would make any marriage unbearable.

"Law & Order" Creator's Ex Wants Fair Share of Assets

The creator of the "Law & Order" franchise was divorced from his ex-wife in 2005, but that ending of their 22 years of marriage actually did not end there. According to sources, a dispute over the couple's division of marital property has recently developed. The ex-wife is not, however, going after her ex-husband in the dispute; she is suing the parties responsible for handling the couple's assets during their marriage.

Texas Court Tells Same-Sex Couple That Divorce is Not an Option

Under Texas law, a marriage is not legal if it is not a union between a man and a woman. Same-sex marriages are not recognized in the state. That debate has gone on within the state for some time, and voters chose to ban gay marriage in 2005.

McCourt Divorce Court: Dodgers-Ownership Debate Continues

Frank and Jamie McCourt, a high-profile, California couple, are finally in court in order to settle what has been the trickiest aspect of their divorce: Who will own the Dodgers once the divorce is completely over with?

Decade-Old Douglas Divorce Continues In Court

Yesterday, the well-known actor Michael Douglas was faced with a familiar scene. He was in court discussing the details of his divorce -- his divorce after a long-term marriage that was finalized in 2000. Since that divorce from Diandra Douglas, Michael Douglas has remarried and is currently married to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.


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