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Would you do this to get back at your cheating ex...

While spouses in Texas are in some instances able to part on relatively peaceful terms, this is not always the case. In some instances, divorce is fueled by anger and betrayal. In such contentious and high-conflict divorces, litigation can be long, drawn-out and ultimately expensive. Toward the end, some individuals can be so blinded by a desire for revenge that they are unable to realize that ultimately they are hurting themselves.

Woman involves Neiman Marcus in stress of Texas divorce

A Texas woman wants to return $1.4 million in goods she considers "tainted" because her husband bought the gifts for her from her personal shopper, who works at Neiman Marcus. The husband was allegedly having an affair with the personal shopper, and the woman and her husband have filed for divorce. The woman has filed suit against Neiman Marcus, claiming that the store engaged in fraud and deceptive trade practices. Her lawsuit alleges that the store knew that the husband and the personal shopper were having an affair and that the shopping going on was benefiting the personal shopper as the wife was being lied to.

Divorce pending for Yankees GM

Readers in the Houston area may be interested to hear that the general manager of the New York Yankees is in the news for being unfaithful to his wife again. This time the story has an interesting twist in that the other woman was allegedly blackmailing the husband, and was recently charged in criminal court with extortion of more than $6,000. This is how the media got a hold of the story, and after digging deeper, the infidelity was exposed. One day before the other woman was arrested and charged, the GM's wife filed divorce papers.

Houston private investigators talks about adultery investigations

The situation sounds like a film noir plot device. A suspicious spouse looks up a private detective in the yellow pages and proceeds to hire them to keep tabs on their husband or wife to see if they are being unfaithful. In a perfect world, this would only happen in black and white movies. Unfortunately, it actually takes place all the time. A Houston private investigator recently interviewed by Channel 26 Fox News says that in the vast majority of cases he confirms the spouse's suspicions.

Former "Real Housewife" cheats and could pay for it in divorce

In our last post, we discussed celebrity divorce and how infidelity can mean great costs to those who stray outside of their marriage. Just about as soon as the post was published, it seems like the scandalous story about Tareq and Michaele Salahi showed up in the headlines.

Celebrity cheating and divorce provide valuable lessons

When two people grow apart in a marriage it can result in one or both spouses cheating, and it can turn into a bitter and expensive divorce. The person who winds up feeling betrayed can become more demanding in the divorce process and often fights to get more out of the couple's division of property.

For the unhappily married, does economy make affairs more common?

There is no one tried-and-true way to do a divorce. Not all divorces cost the same, even though some people assume that the legal process will cost them all that they have. If a couple works together and keeps cost in mind, they can end their marriage for a reasonable price. For some, the split might be worth it. It's hard to put a price on starting a new chapter in one's life, free of an unhappy marriage.

Will 'Weinergate' open up gate to couple's divorce?

As we have all seen over the course of the past few weeks, the Internet can get some of us in big trouble. Sure, it provides us easy access to friends, family, business opportunities, etc., but easy access can be a perilous temptation when in the wrong hands.

Disappoint on Mother's Day? Your wife might feel urge to stray

Did you buy your wife flowers on Mother's Day? How about a box of chocolates? Maybe you went all out and reserved her a trip to the local day spa.But if you did nothing, you might want to watch out. Your wife might have thoughts of having an affair or getting a divorce on her mind.At least that's the message from a now-notorious website The business gets clients with its controversial slogan, "Life is short. Have an affair," and reported that more than 52,000 moms across the country signed up for its online dating service the day after Mother's Day.

Report: Whether Over Money or Sex, Lying is Lying in Marriage

Have you ever bought something and intentionally hid that purchase from your spouse? Maybe you have a pair of shoes that were too good of a deal to pass up. Maybe you couldn't help to believe that the new Apple gadget was a must for you and worth your money. But are such secret purchases worth the potential downfall of your marriage?


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