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How to manage anger during divorce

As any qualified family law attorney will tell you, acting out of anger during divorce proceedings is not wise. It leads to a longer divorce, meaning higher legal fees, additional court dates, more negative effects on children and likely an unsatisfactory outcome.

So you've decided to stay business partners after divorce II

The prior post in our Harris County divorce law blog began a discussion about couples who own a company and want to end their marital partnership at the same time that they want to keep their business partnership. The prior post mentioned planning an exit strategy in case one spouse changes his or her mind down the road. As for the actual business relationship, there are a few other tips that we promised to share with our readers in this post.

When's the best time to divorce for tax purposes?

Many marriages end in divorce. When a Texas couple decides to file for divorce, there may be questions about timing, especially in regards to taxes. Toward the end of the year, does it make more sense for a couple to start the divorce proceedings right away or stick it out until after the first of the year?


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