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Texas grandparents fight for custody of infant

Custody battles can be fought between varying parties on a wide spectrum of relationships in courtrooms across Texas. On this blog we have detailed instances of former spouses fighting for custody of children post-divorce, unwed parents of children battling for their parental rights, biological parents fighting against potential-adoptive parents, and sometimes grandparents or other extended family members fighting for custody of a child.

Domestic violence seriously impacts custody proceedings

Houston readers likely heard about the domestic dispute that took place a month ago between newlywed football player Chad Jonson, and his reality star wife Evelyn Lozada. Reportedly, the couple got into a heated argument stemming for the question of Johnson's fidelity that culminated in Johnson head butting his wife.

Sanders' Texas divorce simmers down but also gets spendy

It's time again to post an update on Deion and Pilar Sanders' Texas divorce. The process began back in December after Deion filed the divorce papers. The divorce filing didn't stop the couple from living on the same Texas property, but it did start some extreme drama.

Texas court favors Deion Sanders after domestic violence incident

This post continues to follow the escalated family law situation between Texas pair Deion and Pilar Sanders. Their contested divorce began late last year and consistently escalates into a more dramatic family, civil and even criminal law situation.

Sanders' Texas divorce escalates into domestic violence matter

We have written about the acrimonious divorce between ex-football star Deion Sanders and his estranged wife Pilar on this blog before. Deion filed for divorce in December, and since then, the celebrity split has grown into a more dramatic, heated process by the day.

When family law and domestic violence intertwine

Sure, when someone thinks of family law, he probably doesn't think that a divorce or the many disputes that can come with it are entirely easy. But divorce can be a smooth process, especially when the parties involved both want out and there are no extreme situations within the family.

Child custody dispute interrupts Sheen's other dramas

When he played "Wild Thing" in the hit Major League, casting directors likely had no idea how wild Charlie Sheen's life would turn out. Wild, in fact, doesn't even cover the events of the actor's life over the past year alone. And it looks like the crazy nature of the year has resulted in the most recent drama of the star's highly-publicized life.

Mel Defends Himself in Child Custody Case

It is not often these days when actor and director Mel Gibson has a chance to speak for himself. But in a recent hearing over the custody of his and Oksana Grigorieva's daughter, Gibson had the opportunity to defend his actions that have had the entire country in a frenzy.

Study: Child Custody Decisions are Dangerously Made

Family law cases create the necessity for crucial, life-altering decisions to be made regarding the future of innocent children. Those decisions are often left to outside professionals when, for example, a couple cannot come to a child custody agreement and the court requires that a professional determine the suitability of each parent in a case involving domestic violence.

Do the Mel Gibson Tapes Prove He Should Not Retain Child Custody?

The tapes of super celebrity Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva are currently a staple of nearly every news program. Many are disgusted by Gibson's alleged hateful, derogatory comments, and those who were always fans of the "Braveheart" hero hope that the tapes are not real. A Texas forensic tape analyst says that the recordings could be altered, but it ultimately is up to a judge to determine the validity of the tapes and whether they are admissible in family law court.


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