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Divorce...where to begin?

Divorce can get nasty. There are countless individuals across Texas that can attest to this fact. However, deciding to end a marriage is just the beginning; there are countless aspects of disentangling two lives that need to be addressed through the divorce process. Many feel unsure of where to being.

Are finances driving you and your spouse apart?

Issues in a marriage can manifest themselves in several forms. It is not unusual for there to be some element of secrecy inherent in these problems. For some Texas couples, it can be an extramarital affair. For other couples, it can be financial dishonesty. Money is a significant stressor in many relationships. Spouses may not agree about how best to allocate funds, where to invest or how much to spend on non-necessities.

Considering the financial impact of a divorce

Divorce has become an accepted norm within our culture as about half of all marriages will end in this manner. Many people think primarily of the emotional toll associated with a divorce. However, a divorce will absolutely impact a splitting couple financially as well. Many newly single individuals will want to live the same lifestyle they had when they were married, but as one woman from Houston that divorced said, "We both were making money. We both were working full time." In the event of a divorce, a significant amount of resources will not be available to an individual any longer.

Divorce pending for Yankees GM

Readers in the Houston area may be interested to hear that the general manager of the New York Yankees is in the news for being unfaithful to his wife again. This time the story has an interesting twist in that the other woman was allegedly blackmailing the husband, and was recently charged in criminal court with extortion of more than $6,000. This is how the media got a hold of the story, and after digging deeper, the infidelity was exposed. One day before the other woman was arrested and charged, the GM's wife filed divorce papers.

Source says Dodgers decision wasn't about divorce but business

We have covered the divorce drama that's taken place between Frank and Jamie McCourt on this blog before. It's been at the center of not only family law news, but it's made its way into sports news as well due to the ownership of the Dodgers MLB team.


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