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Hiding assets can lead to litigation surrounding property division

The division of property is a very significant aspect of any divorce. In fact, the outcome greatly affects the financial well being of each party. In Texas, courts seek an equitable distribution of property rather than a 50/50 split. Any separate property, meaning anything not acquired throughout the course of the marriage is off limits for division. Community property, all property earned and acquired through the course of the marriage, could be subject to division but a court will look at factors like age, education, financial need and others, to determine how much each party should receive in the division.

"Law & Order" Creator's Ex Wants Fair Share of Assets

The creator of the "Law & Order" franchise was divorced from his ex-wife in 2005, but that ending of their 22 years of marriage actually did not end there. According to sources, a dispute over the couple's division of marital property has recently developed. The ex-wife is not, however, going after her ex-husband in the dispute; she is suing the parties responsible for handling the couple's assets during their marriage.


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