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Top 3 tips for dividing property during your divorce

Many aspects of divorce are stressful, but property division often stands out as one of the more nerve-racking processes. Preparation can go a long way when it comes to divvying up your assets and debts while ending your marriage. Dividing property can quickly become a hostile process, but it does not have to be that way.

Divorce: Beginning the end

Not all Texas divorces are a mutual decision, in fact most are not. According to one therapist, the divorce-initiating spouse has often thought long and hard about the decision to end the marriage for a very long time. Typically, the other spouse desires to make the relationship work, but by the time the initiating spouse announces that they want a divorce, the initiating spouse has already checked out and there is often little hope of salvaging the union.

Valentine's Day reminder: Money matters in love, Part 2

This year's St. Valentine's Day has already come and gone. Maybe you found a love interest this holiday or confirmed that your current valentine is a keeper. In that case, it's important that we continue our discussion from the last post about how to plan for and protect your finances in relation to marriage and divorce.

Valentine's Day reminder: Money matters in love, Part 1

The vows recited in a marriage ceremony cover more ground than we all initially give them credit for. Sure, we get that we are promising to love, honor and cherish our spouse. But along with the romantic ideas of love come some pretty important, less-romantic realities.

"Law & Order" Creator's Ex Wants Fair Share of Assets

The creator of the "Law & Order" franchise was divorced from his ex-wife in 2005, but that ending of their 22 years of marriage actually did not end there. According to sources, a dispute over the couple's division of marital property has recently developed. The ex-wife is not, however, going after her ex-husband in the dispute; she is suing the parties responsible for handling the couple's assets during their marriage.

Divorce Takes Financial Expertise

It is natural for some people to want to quickly get their divorces over with and move on with their new lives. While that can be a preferable way to approach divorce, a recent resource warns readers about the financial risks of not taking the time to fully consider the financial details of a family's divorce settlement.


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