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Former same-sex couple battle over visitation rights in Texas

A battle for visitation rights is unfolding in Dallas between two women that were formerly partners. The couple was together in a committed relationship for seven years when they decided to raise a child together. One woman carried and birthed the child, but then about a year after the little boy was born, the couple split up.

Father to be reunited with his child after painful custody battle

Child custody is a contentious issue for both married and unmarried couples. In other instances, disputes surrounding child custody can also occur between adoptive parents and biological parents as well. Whatever the circumstances, a family law attorney can serve as an advocate for an individual looking to protect the best interest of a child.

Father seeks custody of child deceitfully adopted

A member of the Army and his wife were living in Texas when his wife discovered that she was with child. The couple attended doctor visits together and the father was excited to have another child. The drill sergeant accepted a position out of state and then martial discord ensued. The wife mentioned the possibility of terminating the pregnancy or giving the child up for adoption, but the father would not consent to those things. The wife was supposed to move to the state he was in after giving birth.

Adoptive mom must pay child support for boy sent back to Russia

An adoption involving a woman in the U.S. and a child from Russia ended in scandal, when the adoptive mother sent the 7-year-old boy back to Russia by himself. The woman decided that the adoption wouldn't work, reportedly because she thought the boy had emotional problems. Her change of heart and how she sent the boy away became grounds for a precedent-setting child support lawsuit. The adoptive mother, who lived in Tennessee at the time of the adoption, put her adopted son on a plane to Moscow with a note pinned to his shirt stating that the boy was violent and that she no longer wanted him. Outraged, the adoption agency took the adoptive mother to court and sued for child support.

Child adoption disturbed by The Indian Child Welfare Act

Throughout the county, there is a rich Native American heritage. Whether in Texas or Minnesota, there are certain areas in the states where different tribes live on their tribal lands. On those lands, tribal laws exist, laws that are different than the laws that non-Native Americans live by.

Grandma's love inspires fight in Texas for grandparental rights

Becoming a grandparent is joyous for most grandparents. Although they have raised their own children, grandparents continue to have a vested interest in what goes on in their grandchildren's lives. Often times, when there is a situation where children cannot stay with their parents, it is the grandparents who step in and care for the children, keeping them out of foster care and helping them retain a family connection.

National public shocked by judge's child custody decision

Family law is a very emotion-packed field of law. What matters to most people the most, family, is on the line in these cases, whether dealing with a divorce, child custody, adoption or other family law dispute. A family's future depends upon a judge's decision.

Illegal Immigrant Unknowingly Loses Child Custody While in Jail

Losing one's parental rights to his or her child is a drastic situation that has a significant effect on a parent's and child's life. Imagine not knowing that your parental rights were even in danger and then finding out that you lost child custody and your child has a new home with adoptive parents.


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