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Divorce...where to begin?

Divorce can get nasty. There are countless individuals across Texas that can attest to this fact. However, deciding to end a marriage is just the beginning; there are countless aspects of disentangling two lives that need to be addressed through the divorce process. Many feel unsure of where to being.

What is the best way to inform friends and family of my divorce?

There are a lot of uncomfortable challenges that can come with divorce that extend beyond the legal issues around ending a marriage. A significant stressor for many people is once children, family and close friends know about the spilt, what is the best way to inform everyone else?

Are you sure your prenuptial agreement is valid?

We have discussed on previous occasions the importance of ensuring the validity of a prenuptial agreement in Texas. Prenuptial agreements are contracts that are signed by soon-to-be spouses prior to the exchange of "I do." There are a variety of manners in which these agreements can be extremely valuable for marrying couples -- particularly in instances of remarriage, or where one spouse has a significant amount of assets. Couples can draft an agreement of this nature with the assistance of an attorney well versed in matters pertaining to family law.

Statute of limitations spares Texas bigamist

Last fall, we blogged about a Texas pilot that for almost three years was splitting his time between two wives and two homes -- each unaware of the other. The Fort Worth man's second wife became suspicious when she realized that her husband was still paying bills for the woman she thought he already divorced. It turns out that the husband filed for divorce from his first wife, but then decided that he wanted to rectify the marital discord and never finalized the divorce. However, he did still proceed with a marriage to the second woman.

Would filing for a Texas divorce online save time and money?

Individuals that live in Texas and are contemplating a divorce are likely aware that fairly recently the Texas Supreme Court made available an online form for filing for divorce. This was done in an effort to allow couples that lack the funding for a divorce to be able to still end their marriage. However, there is a very select population of couples looking to divorce that can benefit from filing in this manner.

Dallas family law court rules that the Sanders prenup will stand

We have discussed the divorce unfolding in Texas between Deion Sanders and his wife of 14 years in various capacities across this blog. There have been allegations of domestic violence, disputes over custody and claims by Deion that all of the media attention surrounding his split is negatively impacting his career and endorsement deals. The couple's divorce trial began this month, and in the latest development, an arbitrator has ruled that the prenuptial agreement the couple signed will be upheld.

Would you do this to get back at your cheating ex...

While spouses in Texas are in some instances able to part on relatively peaceful terms, this is not always the case. In some instances, divorce is fueled by anger and betrayal. In such contentious and high-conflict divorces, litigation can be long, drawn-out and ultimately expensive. Toward the end, some individuals can be so blinded by a desire for revenge that they are unable to realize that ultimately they are hurting themselves.

Divorce does not have to mean disaster for kids

For many parents in Texas, there will be sleepless nights in anticipation of telling their child that mom and dad are getting divorced. Many parents fear that the child will invariably be irreparably damaged by the spilt. However, many studies find that this is inaccurate. While divorce will not necessarily be easy for children, it does not have to be permanently damaging the way many parents in Texas fear.

Compromising for success in an uncontested Texas divorce

Divorce is never easy for any couple in Texas, but not everyone is looking to "get back" at their ex through drawn out litigation. In many instances, couples in Houston and elsewhere across Texas that are choosing to part paths have children and both want to play a significant role in their children's lives. Further, raising kids is expensive and prolonged litigation in a family courtroom often means a major expense.

Contested divorces do not always yield huge financial losses

In a very crystallized and simplified view of divorce, there are two fronts that can be significantly impacted when a couple chooses to end their marriage in Texas. One of those two fronts is the emotional front. There is an expansive array of emotions that an individual may confront at the end of a marriage.


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