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Is the season over for McCourts' property division dispute?

The highly public disputes between Frank and Jamie McCourt -- a divorce case that we've consistently followed on this blog -- seem to be reaching some conclusion. Surprisingly, it looks like the couple appears to have become a unified front, at least in their property division battle related to the ownership of the Dodgers.

McCourts' divorce process still in overtime

Los Angeles Dodgers co-owner Frank McCourt hoped one hard home run would avoid more extra innings in the long divorce from his 30-year marriage, but Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig called a foul ball. As we have discussed in previous posts, the biggest debate that has come out of this divorce is who owns the Dodgers and, therefore, how to settle property division details between the couple.

Source says Dodgers decision wasn't about divorce but business

We have covered the divorce drama that's taken place between Frank and Jamie McCourt on this blog before. It's been at the center of not only family law news, but it's made its way into sports news as well due to the ownership of the Dodgers MLB team.

McCourt Divorce Court: Dodgers-Ownership Debate Continues

Frank and Jamie McCourt, a high-profile, California couple, are finally in court in order to settle what has been the trickiest aspect of their divorce: Who will own the Dodgers once the divorce is completely over with?


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