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5 myths about divorce that need to be dispelled

Divorce is a complex legal process that has many steps involved before it is finalized. It is a huge decision that should not be taken lightly. There is a lot of misinformation about divorce that comes from gossip and misinterpretation of the law. Instead of listening to your neighbor or cousin, you should speak to someone who knows and understands family law.

Does a person's death terminate alimony?

Spousal support is one of the many things couples tend to feud over when they are getting a divorce. Once all is said and done, the requesting spouse may, in fact, be awarded alimony despite their ex's efforts to get the courts to decide otherwise. When this happens, the paying spouse will be required to make payments to their ex until the court states otherwise, but if they were to die, this could terminate alimony payments.

Establishing guardianship of someone who's incapacitated

Right now, you may have an aging parent that can no longer take care of themselves on their own. Or, you may have a child that can't support themselves after turning 18 for whatever reason. In essence, you need to take care of people unfit to live by themselves under the law. In this situation, you need guardianship.

What are the rules about moving after divorce?

When a couple has no children and seeks a divorce, matters tend to be relatively simple. Once property issues get sorted out, the two parties never have to see one another again. However, when children are involved, things get more complicated. The divorcing couple must consider each issue that comes up in light of how it will affect the children. One such problem can come up when one of the parents wants to relocate a significant distance away.

Suits for broken engagements

A suit for a broken engagement may sound like a leftover from the "olden days," however these suits are still plausible claims in a few states. Back in the day, women were entirely economically dependent on their future husbands. The prospective wife was expected to provide a dowry in exchange for the husband providing care for her. But, as with things are when they involve love, proposals end. Today, a broken engagement is met with a sad story and drinks with a friend, but before the modern era, many of these women could be left destitute. To provide protection for these women, the courts crafted the "breach of marriage promise" claim. This post will go over the breach of marriage promise and its applicability in modern courts.

When should you file for a restraining order in a divorce?

Sadly, restraining orders are sometimes necessary for divorces. Divorces are complex legal matters that intersect with every aspect of peoples' lives, financial, emotional, religious, and familial. It is very common that these issues can overwhelm a person and lead to unacceptable behavior. This post will go over that behavior and what you can do about it.

Inside tips from a divorce attorney, Part 1

Many people think that they understand divorce because they've seen it reenacted on Court TV and in movies so often. The sad reality is that it is much slower and complicated than any Hollywood portrayal could ever give. This post will go over the inside knowledge of divorces, as learned by attorneys over the years.

Overview of Texas adoption rules

Adoption laws vary from state to state. There has been an effort to move states to the Uniform Adoption Act however results have been spotty at best. It is best if you seek the advice of an attorney before attempting to adopt a child, to ensure that you comply and meet all rules. This post will go over the requirements to adopt a child in Texas.

Long-term separation vs. divorce

Physical separation is a normal precursor to a divorce. Sometimes the separation is amicable, but usually, it is the result of a culmination of altercations, the final one being the penultimate "move out." But, as time and distance bring perspective, sometimes couples decide to try again or separate. It is in this limbo that some people get stuck into the separation vs. divorce dynamic. This post will go over this dynamic and bring some perspective to your choice.


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