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What is the best way to inform friends and family of my divorce?

There are a lot of uncomfortable challenges that can come with divorce that extend beyond the legal issues around ending a marriage. A significant stressor for many people is once children, family and close friends know about the spilt, what is the best way to inform everyone else?

Facebook may out father trying to dodge child support

In Texas, the terms of a divorce can be modified under certain circumstances. If a spouse remarries, if a parent relocates, if a child turns 18 or there is a significant change in a spouse's income there can be grounds for modification of alimony or child support payments that are court ordered.

Facebook comment about divorce sparks free speech debate

The popularity of Facebook is astronomical. When most of us are not using our computers for work, we take our free moments to update our statuses or check in on our friends online. One man in the process of divorce reportedly included a status update that didn't sit well with his estranged wife or a judge involved with their case.

Facebook Has Texas Mother Facing the Music Over Child Custody

The world of technology has opened up many doors of opportunity, whether for business or personal purposes. With every gift, however, comes a downfall, and for one Texas mother, her use of Facebook has come back to blow up in her face. Her ex used evidence from the social media site as a way to convince a judge that the mother was unfit to parent. According to Dallas sources, a couple's divorce led to a grueling custody battle over their son. Now five years old, the son will be under the primary custody of his father due to incriminating information about the mother that was posted on Facebook. What is important for everyone to remember is that items posted on social networking sites are not private, and they do not disappear. What is shared, therefore, is fair game in legal circumstances.

Does Facebook Not only Share Relationship Status, But Destroy It?

It's one of the first pieces of information that the estimated 400 million Facebook users enter into their Facebook profiles: relationship status. But maybe it is important for more users to pay better attention to their "married" or "in a relationship" statuses when they log in to the social-networking site.


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