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What types of child custody are there in Texas?

During a divorce, deciding on child custody can often be the hardest part. Most of the time, parents want to keep access to their children. However, usually, the judge drafts a plan that splits up time between the petitioner and the divorcee in a fair and safe way. It is important to know the types of child custody in Texas so that you know your options during the proceedings.

Custody decision reached in case involving deceased NFL star

During the month of December, football-related headlines usually address regular season matchups, player injuries or the impending playoff picture. However, this past December, these headlines became decidedly grimmer following a tragic murder-suicide involving an up-and-coming player.

Is ex-wife of wrongfully convicted man entitled to compensation?

Both family law and criminal law experts across the nation currently have their eyes on Texas as a first-of-its-kind property division case is currently making its way through the state court system. Here, the issue being explored is whether former spouses of exonerated prison inmates are entitled to any portion of the money granted to them by the state as compensation for their wrongful conviction.

Alamo director in the midst of high-conflict divorce

The explosion of smartphones and tablet computers coupled with the continued growth of wireless Internet access has served to make instant communication among friends, family and co-workers the new norm. In just a few keystrokes or taps on a phone screen, we can instantly send a text message, mail a presentation or upload photos. However, with this constant interpersonal communication comes the risk of perhaps sharing too much.

Jackpot winnings impact father's child support obligations

A recent winner of the $338 million New Jersey Powerball jackpot could be facing arrest. The man is not accused of fraudulently winning his millions, but rather he has $29,000 in unpaid child support to answer for. The man has five children, but appears to have a significant amount of missed payments dating back to 2009. A local Sheriff reports that before winnings are released, the state Lottery Division generally seeks to rectify issues of this matter.

Can residents of Texas obtain a modification of a divorce decree?

It is no easy feat obtaining a divorce modification following a divorce decree in Texas. However, with the assistance of an experienced family law attorney, there are certain circumstances in which an individual in Houston or elsewhere across the state may be able to obtain a modification of a divorce decree. The most common modifications individuals seek relate to the children exes had together.

Fertility clinic impregnates woman with ex's sperm

Across this blog we have detailed disputes involving donor sperm and eggs that arise from a variety of circumstances. There have been disputes in Texas and elsewhere across the country involving surrogates, parents trying to collect child support from donors, parents trying to claim they did not have parental obligations for children conceived via donor sperm and so much more.

Establishing paternity in Texas in the best interest of the child

In Texas, establishing parentage through paternity action is in the best interest of the child because it means that once the father is identified, the child will receive the benefits of child support and coverage from another parent for uninsured child healthcare costs. This means that the child's overall health is apt to be better, and the child is also likely to be afforded better housing and schooling following establishing parentage. Of course, the financial obligations for a father that follows establishing paternity benefits the mother as well as she is no longer made to shoulder the entire burden.

Divorcing seniors get retirement ready in Texas

We have previously touched on the fact that "gray divorce" is on the rise across the nation, including here in Texas. This phenomenon of a marked increase in couples that are 50 or older ending their marriage has doubled since 1990. In 2010, it is estimated that a quarter of all divorces were gray divorces.

Strengthening the father-daughter relationship following divorce

All parents want their children to be happy. The largest stressor for most parents in Texas in contemplating whether or not to end a marriage in which the parent is no longer happy is often the question of how it will impact the children. Divorce is never entirely easy for either spouse or for the children. Further, child custody is often the most contentious aspect of many Texas divorces. But a divorce does not have to be ugly, and does not have to mean children that will grow up to be unhappy.


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