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If you don’t have time or energy to deal with divorce details, to battle with an ex-spouse or to wait for your child’s other parent to “come around” and see your point of view, we can help you. Let us apply more than 20 years of focused family law experience to your claim or dispute.

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  • Our attorney answers your calls: When you call our law firm, you are calling Nancy H. Boler’s cellphone directly; no relaying messages through staff members.
  • No beating around the bush: You will get straight answers to your family law and divorce dispute questions.
  • Decades of experience on your side: We only handle family law and divorce matters, and you will benefit from more than 20 years of focused experience.

At the Law Office of Nancy H. Boler in Bellaire, Texas, we are dedicated to providing you with professional and personalized support in any area of family law or divorce you may face. We serve the Houston metro.

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Divorce FAQ:

Should I hire a divorce lawyer near me?

Where your divorce lawyer has an office can be a factor in who you hire.  Are they near you or or they across town? We are located just next to Houston in Belleaire, Texas.

Can my spouse hide assets?

When spouses can’t agree on how to divide property, a family law judge must divide it equitably. If all marital and separate property isn’t accounted for during this process, one spouse may lose out significantly.

What is the no-fault option in Texas divorce?

Almost all Texas divorces are no-fault, that is, based on insupportability. Not having to prove spousal fault means the couple does not have to bring specific evidence of each other’s marital misconduct before the court, usually reducing stress, embarrassment, pain and legal fees.

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