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Child Custody And Visitation Archives

How can you prepare for a child custody battle?

If you are getting a divorce and anticipate a dispute with your spouse over child custody arrangements, it is important to be prepared. An attorney that focuses on family law matters can help parents prepare the documentation and other evidence they will need to demonstrate why a particular possession and/or access arrangement is in a child’s best interest.

Proving paternity when the mother is married to another man

As a father, when you are seeking custody or even just visitation with your child, there can be many obstacles standing in the way. Of course, you'll have to establish paternity before you can even get the ball rolling with requesting custody, but there are other things that can make this process extremely difficult. For example, the child's mother being married to another man.

When fathers haven't seen their kids in a long time

When you are a father and have been unable to see your children in a long time, the first moment you get together can be uncomfortable for one reason or another. The children may be angry that you have not visited them even if it wasn't your choice, or they might be battling the mixed emotions of happiness and confusion.

What types of child custody are there in Texas?

During a divorce, deciding on child custody can often be the hardest part. Most of the time, parents want to keep access to their children. However, usually, the judge drafts a plan that splits up time between the petitioner and the divorcee in a fair and safe way. It is important to know the types of child custody in Texas so that you know your options during the proceedings.

Moving away from child custody to co-parenting

Many states have hopped on the co-parenting trend in recent years. The shift from emphasis on child custody to the promotion of co-parenting arrangements has benefitted many families and children. If you are going through a divorce and wondering what the best thing for your child is, co-parenting certainly offers one option that may suit your family's needs. You can move towards such an arrangement and better understand how it differs from custody by reading the following.


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