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What could indicate bad reasons for a parent to relocate?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Blog, Child Custody

If you share custody with a co-parent who plans to move to a distant community, there should be good motivation for the relocation. While some parents want the best for their children, others harbor negative feelings toward a co-parent and want to move to take a child away and inflict emotional distress on the other parent.

A relocation done in bad faith could cost you precious time with your child. Therefore, you should know how to tell if your co-parent is not acting in the best interests of your son or daughter.

Vindictive motivations

It may be clear that a co-parent wants to act vengefully towards you, perhaps even expressing the desire to you in person. You might also have seen social media postings from your ex about wanting to get back at you. These statements and other supporting evidence could sway a court in favor of blocking the relocation.

A lack of benefits for your child

Family courts make their child custody rulings based on the best interests of the children involved. Therefore, your co-parent should relocate for a reason that could improve the living situation of your loved one. Such reasons may include the following:

  • To be around relatives who can provide child care
  • To live in a community with a better cost of living
  • To take on a higher-paying job
  • Seeking an education to boost job skills

If none of these situations are the case, your co-parent might lack a convincing argument that relocating will in any way help your family. If your co-parent fails to exercise his or her visitation rights, you might have an even stronger case that your co-parent has malicious reasons to move away.


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