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Common myths about child custody

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Child Custody, Family Law

When couples with children get a divorce, tussles over custody are common. Both sides may suffer significant angst.

Some worry is unnecessary, as anxiety often stems from misconceptions. Child custody decisions do not have to be stressful events.

Myth #1: Court is necessary if there is disagreement

Parents have options beyond courtrooms when they cannot agree. Informal negotiations are optimal. All they need is the drafting and signing of documentation. Mediation, wherein a third party helps forge a compromise, is also an alternative. Then, there is arbitration. Depending on preference, this can be either binding or nonbinding.

Myth #2: Kids choose where they want to live

The wishes of a child are not the only factor determining custody. Judges weigh everything that contributes toward the best interest of a dependent. That said, children that are old enough have the right to voice their opinions in court.

Myth #3: Only mothers receive custody

Some courts favor moms when making custody rulings. Nonetheless, this bias is fast eroding. The number of fathers receiving guardianship is on the rise. What matters is which individual provides the best care. Parenting actions that judges like include bathing, honoring medical appointments and watching nutrition. Dads are equally capable of completing these duties as moms. Additionally, many former partners share custody.

The situation can be tense when the fate of a child hangs in the balance. Fortunately, many fears have no basis in reality. Participants should enter the process with open eyes and relax. The experience may unexpectedly produce a favorable outcome.


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