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Why modify a child custody agreement?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Child Custody

In the state of Texas, parents are generally allowed to have custody of their children according to a custody order put in place by a judge. In some cases, it may be appropriate to modify a custody order after it has been issued.

Has there been a change in circumstances?

Typically, judges will only review custody agreements if a significant change takes place after the original order has been issued. For instance, if your spouse was charged with a crime, that may call into question his or her ability to be a reliable caregiver. This may be applicable if that person had to spend time in jail or is still in custody pending a trial. If you or your spouse decide to move to another state for any reason, it may also be a good reason to seek changes to a custody agreement.

Have your child’s needs changed?

As your child gets older, it may be necessary to consider custody modifications to accommodate his or her needs. This is because it may not be convenient for your teen son or daughter to spend every weekend with you after taking on a part-time job or while playing a sport. There is also a chance that your child will express an interest in living with one parent over the other. In some cases, a judge will take an older child’s wishes into consideration.

When seeking a change to a child custody agreement, it’s important to ensure that those changes are in your son or daughter’s best interest. Otherwise, a judge may reject any proposal to modify an existing agreement regardless of how it may impact you personally.


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