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Signs your ex is turning the kids against you

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Blog, Family Law

When your marriage went downhill, a divorce was the first step in rebuilding your life. Now your children do not want to spend as much time with you.

It is no surprise that children have emotions that need processing after divorce. If they begin to act unusual, you may question whether your ex is doing something to encourage it. Check out some signs that your former spouse is turning your kids against you.

Missing visitation time

When a child requests to skip a scheduled visit due to a scheduling conflict, you may not feel like anything is wrong. However, if the requests become frequent, it may prove they no longer want to spend time with you. You may want to question their choice or speak to the other parent about enforcing parenting time.

Asking mature questions about the divorce

Children pick up on many cues from their environment, especially during and after divorce. Conversations between adults provide easy access to mature insight into how you or your ex feel about each other. Your children may start to ask you about details they should not know about. These queries may indicate the other parent is sharing sensitive information with others in their presence or directly with them.

Acting out against you

Some children’s anger after a divorce may build and spill out against parents and in school. Children who experience parental manipulation from one may take it out on the other as a show of loyalty. If your children start to turn against you, it provides another clue that the other parent is casting you in a bad light.

Children need support from both parents after separation. If your children seem affected by parental manipulation, you should act on their behalf and get the necessary help.


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