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4 things to do when filing for divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2020 | Divorce

The secret to a successful divorce is preparation. The steps you take prior to filing the petition for divorce will affect the trajectory of the divorce process.

Read on to learn the four things you should do just before you initiate the divorce as well as throughout the process itself.

1. Understand your financial picture.

Whether the divorce has been discussed between you and your spouse or they are unaware that you plan to file, you should copy all of your joint financial records, including:

  • past tax returns
  • bank statements
  • bills
  • 401k statements and other pension documents

2. Build up an emergency fund.

Having a stash of liquidable assets is important when you file for divorce. You will need enough to cover attorneys’ and filing fees and your basic living expenses. Sometimes, the family law courts will freeze joint assets after a spouse files for divorce. You want to make sure that you will have enough to live on in the upcoming months.

3. Stay off of social media.

Social media can tank a divorce case really fast. You should realize that anything you post on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platforms is fully discoverable during the divorce process.

Deleting your posts can also lead to trouble, as it can be perceived as destroying evidence. That is illegal. And while trash-talking your spouse on social media is not illegal, it can affect how your spouse’s attorney paints you to the court. In short, there is just no good reason to share this aspect of your life on social media platforms.

4. Seek therapy.

Both you and your children can benefit now from seeking counseling to help you get over some of the more troubling aspects of the divorce. This is also a safe space to vent and express your feelings, as nothing you say here can be used against you in court.

Trust the professionals during your divorce

Retain an attorney whom you can trust to provide you with wise counsel can guide your decisions throughout the divorce process. You should choose someone with whom you can relate and whom you trust. Your attorney may also have some good recommendations for therapists for yourself and your children to help you throughout the process and beyond.


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