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Why you should not take friends’ advice during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2019 | Divorce

Divorce is still a prevalent aspect in society, so chances are good you have some friends you have gone through it. This is most likely the case in cities like Alpine, Rusk and Rockdale, which have the highest divorce rates in the state of Texas. 

When you tell your loved ones you have filed for divorce, you will likely get a lot of sympathy from friends and family members. Over time, these people may give you advice. You may initially assume you should take it because they have experience in this area. Although these people have good intentions, you should only ever follow the advice of your attorney, or else you could end up making a disastrous mistake. 

Your friends are not objective

Your lawyer may represent you, but he or she wants to do what is best for all parties involved. Your friends only want to help you, so they may tell you to fight for assets not actually worth fighting for. Listening to your friends may not be anywhere close to what a judge believes is best. There is no need to make things messier than they already are by bringing their input into the situation. 

Your friends do not understand legal processes

Your friends may have spent a lot of time with lawyers for their divorces, but they are still not legal experts. Divorce law is incredibly complex, and it can vary wildly from one couple to the next. For example, one couple may not need mediation while another couple would benefit greatly from it. Only your lawyer can tell you what course of action works best for you. 

Your friends do not understand the full scope of your divorce

Your friends likely did not have the same assets you have. Perhaps they rented while you actually owned a house. Little details like this drastically impact a case. Your friends have not seen all your financial documents while your lawyer has. While your friends can provide emotional support, it is best not to go to them for legal advice. 


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