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5 tips to help long-distance dads stay close to the children

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2019 | Family Law

If you have children who reside with the other parent following your divorce, you will have visitation rights. However, visitation is not possible for fathers who live far away from their kids. Your marriage may have ended, but you will be a parent all your life.

Assuring your kids of how much you care can take many forms. Here are 5 tips to help you stay close to your children, even though distance separates you physically.

1. Use the phone

The easiest way to stay in touch on a personal level is to pick up the phone and speak with your children. You might want to set aside a certain day and hour and turn your calls into a tradition that you and the kids will look forward to keeping.

2. Send emails

Another way to communicate is by sending emails, especially if you have older children. Those who are away at school will be especially receptive. You can also become a member of a company that designs and sends online cards, an easy way to celebrate birthdays or other special occasions. Membership is inexpensive and recipients love the cards.

3. Share photos

Cellphones are great for taking pictures. You can take selfies and share them through social media sites or attach them to your emails. Encourage your children to reciprocate.

4. Mail postcards

Do you travel? Send postcards to the children from wherever you are. If you do not travel much, pick up postcards of interesting local sites. Postcards are fun to receive, and the limited space means you do not need to write much. A few lines in your own handwriting will mean a lot to your children, especially when you sign it “Love, Dad.”

5. Arrange deliveries

Finally, order the phonebook from the city or town where your children live, or go online and become familiar with local restaurants and shops. Order a pizza or some other favorite dinner selection for delivery to your kids. Get other-parent approval ahead of time to ensure the children will be at home for the surprise delivery.


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