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How to reduce the impact divorce has on children

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2018 | Divorce

If you, like many others, are currently navigating your way through a Texas divorce, you may be worrying about just how much of an impact the transition may have on your children. Kids can find it difficult to adjust to even the most amicable of separations, because the world they have come to know suddenly changes in numerous ways.

With U.S. News and World Reports noting that nearly half of all modern marriages now end in divorce, learning to minimize the effects they have on children has become increasingly critical.

The good news

There is some good news when it comes to how your divorce might impact your children, however. Generally, the negative effects of divorce, which might include depression, anxiety, stress and related emotional issues, dissipate after a relatively brief period. In fact, in many cases, psychological issues that children develop because of their parents’ divorce only last between about four and nine months.

Softening the blow

If you are looking to lessen the negative effects your divorce may have on your child, consider making the following efforts:

Consider therapy

If you have noticed signs of depression or emotional distress in your child since announcing your divorce, consider enlisting the aid of a therapist or similar source of support. In some cases, and particularly when children are older, they may hold back from expressing their true feelings about their parents’ separation because they know their parents are stressed already and they do not want to contribute to the problem.

Make nice with your soon-to-be ex

While your relationship with your former partner will undoubtedly change when you divorce, it does not have to become an ugly, acrimonious one. Coming to terms with your emotions with regard to your spouse before the divorce becomes final can ease the transition for your children, because otherwise, they may feel as if they have to choose sides between the two of you. Maintaining at least some degree of communication can also demonstrate to your children that the two of you plan to maintain a united front, post-split.

Divorce is rarely easy on anyone, but by staying vigilant and prioritizing your children, you can considerably lessen its effects.


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