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3 tips for getting a lot of visitation with your child

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2018 | Child Custody

As a father, you want to see your kids as much as possible. If getting as much visitation time as possible is one of your main goals during your divorce, it is important to follow some important steps. You may encounter some obstacles as you attempt to win a custody battle.

Even though it is illegal for courts to discriminate against fathers, you should be ready to fight hard for your interests. Here are some general rules for seeing your children as much as possible.

1. Be an excellent parent

The most important thing to remember when trying to obtain more time with your kids is simple. You must be a great dad. This means you should work on building and fostering a strong connection with your kids. Call them to check in on their day. Show up to important school events and social gatherings, such as plays, birthday parties, sports games or religious ceremonies. Offer your support to them regularly. When you are an active and involved parent, you will have a better chance of getting a lot of visitation.

2. Pay child support

Another crucial piece of advice for winning custody is leaving child support out of the discussion. It should be a completely separate issue. If there is a child support order, make sure you are adhering to it and do not bring it up when talking about custody. 

3. Be respectful

While you should be firm in your desire for a favorable outcome, refrain from being nasty. If you show respect to your ex, this will reflect well on you. If you are rude during court proceedings, it will hurt your chances of getting what you want. 

Custody and visitation battles are difficult. Arguing why you deserve time with your kids may be frustrating, but you can improve your chances of getting a lot of visitation by following these guidelines.


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