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Characteristics of a long-term marriage divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2017 | Divorce

A long-term marriage is usually one that lasts 20 years or longer. Deciding to divorce after that long can be hard enough on its own. But, it can become more complicated and stressful when dealing with the minutia of the case. Thus, it can be helpful to know what characterizes the divorce of a long-term marriage.

Long-term marriages are distinct from other types. They are special in that they usually involve older people. This puts them in unique situations. For example, many times, their children are teenagers or older. Their age makes child support less of an issue. Also, because long-term couples are older than many newly-married couples, health and the costs associated with it may be more of a consideration.

Long-term marriages are often quite different when dealing with finances. Many times, there are more things to deal with during the proceedings. The long-term couple is likely to gain significant amounts of property, for instance. So, the assets that each partner can keep will be at higher stakes. Furthermore, the court may have to determine the fate of pensions and retirement accounts. Finally, there are often wide discrepancies between the incomes of the spouses. For example, one partner may be the primary source of income while the other may be a stay-at-home parent. Thus, the couple and the court need to consider alimony as well.

Because there is often more at risk during a long-term divorce, it is imperative to seek the advice of an experienced divorce attorney. The Law Office of Nancy H. Boler has been dealing with tough family law cases for over 20 years. We will fight for what is yours. We will also interpret the law and help you work through what is often a painful, taxing experience. Our office may be able to get you the compensation and peace of mind you desire.


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