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Unique matters for children with special needs

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2016 | Family Law

Divorce is a huge decision to undertake. You need to consider the merits of your relationship, dividing assets, incomes, and other matters. It is especially complicated if you have children. Now imagine if your child has special needs. Children with special needs may have difficulty adapting to a new a home, they require additional attention and care, and they require more support services. This post will go over the different support issues inherent to children with special needs.

All judges consider custody and support arrangements based on what is in the best interests of the child. The court expects both parties to submit evidence regarding the support needs of the child, such as education, medical, and recreational, then the judges make a determination based on that evidence.

But many judges are not experienced in awarding support for children with special needs. Special needs children have diverse requirements from therapy to specialized classes. It is up to the attorneys to ensure that the judge understands these enhanced support requirements and the need for additional support to cover these expenses.

If you are in a child support dispute, you may want to contact a family law attorney. A lawyer can advise you of the various issues, like those illustrated above, that you must consider when presenting arguments for child support. The last thing you or your child needs is for you to forget a crucial item that your child must have for his or her care. Child support is not immutable, but it is easier to set up initial orders rather than seek a later modification. An attorney can ensure that you get the orders right on the first try.


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