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Criteria that can land you in the Evader’s Program

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2016 | Family Law

The Evader’s Program is a government initiative run out of the Attorney General’s office. The Texas Attorney General was tasked by the legislature to design a program to catch parents who are trying to evade their child support obligations. This post will go over this program and how an evading parent might land themselves on it.

The Evader Program works by alerting the public to delinquent parents. The program collects photographs and publishes profiles on the various parents. It sends this information to both public and private audiences. In fact, the Evader’s program is empowered to find child support evaders through any cost effective means including posters and reaching out to the media. The effect is to get the word out and deputize the public to help the government in finding and apprehending these people.

Due to this programs rather harsh method of finding and identifying people, it is relatively strict on how people get added to its search list.

First, the court must have implemented the child support order. Additionally, the delinquent payments must be in excess of $5,000 and the parent must have failed to make regular payments over the last six months.

Second, there must be an outstanding arrest warrant. Third, the noncustodial parent must be actively trying to avoid custody. This means that the custodial parent must submit evidence that proves the other parent is actively trying to avoid custody and their child support obligations.

Fourth, the evading parent cannot be in the midst of bankruptcy. For obvious reasons, parents in bankruptcy may not be able to make regular child support payments.

Finally, the parent seeking to add the delinquent parent to the search list must provide an up to date photograph of the evading parent.

If you are trying to get child support payments from your ex-partner then you may want to speak to an attorney. The Evader Program, while useful in finding people, cannot substitute the legal proceedings necessary to get child support orders in place. An attorney can help you get the orders you need to get the support that your child deserves.


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