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Why do people get divorced?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2016 | Divorce

Everyone is probably familiar with the “50 percent of all marriages end in divorce” statement. But, what does that mean? Does it mean that if you get married you have a one-in-two chance of getting a divorce? Or are the numbers more nuanced? The Utah State University published information that delved into the reasons people get divorced. This article will go over some of those reasons.

The research confirmed that age-old assumption that money is one of the main subjects that couples have. Specifically, the study noted that couples who earn $50,000 or more a year have a lower rate of divorce than those under $50,000. The study also revealed that children can be a subject of contention between couples. Specifically, it noted that pre-marital children place a great deal of stress on couples such that very few of them ever end up married. This effect is big because a little over one-third of all children are born to unwed parents.

Additionally, the research indicated that younger couples suffer from much higher rates of divorce than older couples. The rate of divorce of couples under 21 is significantly higher than older couples. The rate begins to normalize after 21 and 22 however it is still higher. In fact, the divorce rate steadily drops until the mid-thirties.

Finally, the research found that couples with a high school education or less divorced at much higher rates than those with some college education. A part of this is likely related to the money issue stated above however it may also indicate that education provides ancillary benefits, like enhanced interpersonal communication skills.

As you can see above, divorce is far more nuanced than the 50 percent statistic. If you are considering divorce then you may want to speak to a lawyer. There are many reasons to get divorced and there are many more ways that divorce affects your life. An attorney can go review your case and help you determine your best course of action. Divorce is a big decision, you don’t want to rush into it lightly. Make sure you understand everything before you decide.


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