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How to approach a divorce successfully

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2016 | Divorce

No one enters into a marriage thinking there is some sort of time limit or expiration date. You married this person because, at some point, you loved them and believed you couldn’t live the rest of your life without them. Now, you have both decided that divorce is the only option. Separating from you partner is a complex and emotionally charged matter taking fortitude and preparation.

Sensitivity is critical to a successful divorce; sensitivity to your children and your ex-spouse. By working to empathize with your ex-spouse, it will allow you to be reasonable and understand their position, the more you can understand your ex-spouse, the faster and cheaper the proceedings. This will also facilitate communication for purposes of child rearing, coordinating schedules and during financial disclosures.

Take time to research the law, attorneys and the courts. If you walk into these proceedings understanding what is expected of you and how to deliver, then you can save time, money and emotional energy. For example, you can’t hide your property by gifting it to friends or family. The opposing counsel will probably find out because you are going head to head with your ex-spouse and he or she will know the assets as well as you. More importantly, your ex-spouse will probably know where you will try to hide anything.

Everyone wants a “fresh” start after they get divorced. This is a good attitude, but you may want to temper this feeling. Big moves to another state or even another city could seriously interfere with your divorce proceedings, especially if you have children. Laser focus is required to efficiently deal with a divorce.

If you find yourself considering divorce, then you may find it beneficial to speak to a family law attorney. The advice of a knowledgeable attorney can help you move through this challenging part of your life so you can get the fresh start you deserve.


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