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Why an attorney can assist when you request spousal support

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2015 | Spousal Support

When two people are divorcing, there are many issues that can arise that may make the process quickly turn from easy to difficult. Along with the discussion of dividing property and child support, spousal support could also be a topic to discuss should one spouse request it.

Couples living in Texas are allowed to divorce their spouse at any point in their marriage. Even though Texas is a no-fault state and they do not need a reason to file for divorce, when one spouse makes a request for spousal support or alimony, it doesn’t mean that fault isn’t considered by the courts when they award alimony.

When deciding whether or not to award alimony, fault is not the only thing taken into consideration by the courts. The standard of living of the couple, length of the marriage, spouse’s ability to support his or herself and financial, emotional and physical state of the spouse may all be considered by the courts. Even after considering these factors, the spouse may not be awarded alimony. But with the help of an attorney, your chances of receiving alimony may increase because you have another person who is experienced in the area of divorce fighting for you.

If you are getting divorced and plan to request spousal support or alimony, an experienced attorney at the Law Office of Nancy. H. Boler may be able to assist you. This particular law office has alimony attorneys on staff who may be able to get you the support you deserve.


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