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Family law issues in Texas need a professional involved

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2014 | Family Law

When you get a divorce, there is a lot of things that you need to think about. Property division, which is not only distributing assets but debt as well, child support, child custody and spousal support are just a few of the areas that you will have to address. After the divorce, there can be modifications to the decree that affect you, your ex-spouse and any children involved.

After getting a divorce, changes occur to you and your ex-spouse and your children get older. No situation stays the same. Some of the areas that an attorney can help you with are when your ex-spouse remarries or you relocate. Perhaps your child is over 18 and has become a legal adult. Maybe you lose your job and make significantly less than you did; this can affect your ability to pay alimony or spousal support.

You shouldn’t be afraid to address these issues. It is extremely important to update the divorce decree as changes occur. This happens more often than you know and many people who divorce have to go back to court to update the situation in front of the judge in Texas.

As was said earlier, when circumstances change, divorce modifications become necessary. The most common change is an adjustment to child custody and visitation privileges. You have the right to regular, stress-free visits with your child. If you have becoming increasingly frustrated because your ex-spouse is causing friction in your relationship with your child, you may want to contact an attorney who can help you with that.

Another area of tension is when one of the parents needs to move due to new employment or an educational opportunity. This can change your ability to see your child. Having a consultation with a modification attorney, such as those at The Law Office of Nancy H. Boler, can be fruitful and helpful. We look forward to assisting you during this difficult time.


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