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Family violence issues involving spousal support in Texas

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2014 | Spousal Support

Sometimes the end of the marriage occurs unexpectedly due to some manner of marital misconduct of one spouse. Examples of this might include incidents of family violence or infidelity. Unfortunately, these types of events can occur at any point throughout a marriage regardless of whether the couple is recently married or have been together for many years.

Texas law provides certain protections for spouses placed into financial jeopardy through no fault of their own. For example, the court is permitted to award spousal support to a spouse who is a victim of family violence. The party seeking spousal support must show evidence of a conviction or deferred adjudication for family violence committed by the adverse party within the previous two years.

Some people going through divorce don’t realize that term, “family violence “is purposely very inclusive. For example, a wide variety of offenses including actual physical injury, sexual assault or even simply putting another member of the same household in reasonable apprehension of such offenses are included in the definition of family violence. Additionally, a member of the household who resides at the same residence yet is not related by blood is also included under the broad definition.

Our law firm believes that spouses should not be placed in situations where they may choose to remain in a potentially violent or abusive household due to their inability to support themselves or their children on their own.

At our law offices, you can discuss your concerns regarding the specifics of spousal support at no cost for your initial consultation. For over 20 years, we have offered compassionate, affordable and experienced legal representation to Houston residents throughout Harris County and the greater Houston-Metro area.


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