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Paternity still unproven in case of million dollar settlement

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2014 | Paternity

Texas parents are aware of the celebration and joy that normally accompanies the birth of a child. But one young Florida mother and her parents are grieving. The woman was went into labor at the Chattahoochee Mental Hospital and was ignored when she asked staff for assistance.

Medical complications caused from her not being monitored during labor resulted in the baby being born with severe brain damage in 2011. For eight months, the infant hung onto life while living with his maternal grandparents until his death from medical complications resulting from his birth. The grandparents of the boy filed suit against the state for negligence and the family was awarded a million-dollar settlement. The man who may have fathered the baby is now stepping forward to claim paternity and part of the money. Previously, he had denied fathering the baby boy.

In Texas, paternity is determined by a DNA test. The alleged father of this baby has refused to take two DNA tests ordered by the Florida courts to prove paternity. He convinced the baby’s mother to sign over to him half of her monetary claims regarding the settlement.

The mother and the man who is now her husband who alleges that he is the father of the baby have issued a statement that asks for privacy to grieve. They also state that they are grateful to her parents for the care they gave the baby.

If you face a paternity suit of any kind, it may be a good idea to have an attorney by your side who knows the laws of Texas and can guide you through the process of either proving or disproving paternity.

Source: WCTV, “Grandparents of deceased baby want paternity proved before settlement is distributed” Lanetra Bennett, Jul. 25, 2014


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