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Texas woman wants ex-husband to sell home after divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2014 | Family Law

A couple in Texas were married for three years, starting out in 2005 and getting a divorce in 2008. When they got divorced, it was stated that their family home was going through the foreclosure process. As a result, they did not sell the home and divide the money.

On June d, 2014, the woman has filed a brand new lawsuit to force her ex-husband to sell the house. In 2013, she found out that he had not lost it but had continued living there. She now says that the home never actually was in foreclosure. Because of this, she claims that the division of assets was not fair, and she wants him to sell it and give her the money that she feels she should have been owed.

Among other things, she has accused her husband of common-law fraud and fraud by nondisclosure. She contests that he hid the real facts from her so that she would not be given the full amount, implying that he knew all along that the home was not going to be foreclosed.

The woman is not seeking to get all of the money out of the sale of the home but has asked that the two parties split up whatever is gained when it is sold.

This brings up the extent of family law issues and how they can continue even after a divorce has apparently been settled. It is interesting to see how the impact can carry out over years, and if it turns out that the husband is guilty of fraud, this story could shed light on the end result of not giving out full information to a spouse during a divorce.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Woman demands ex-husband sell home” Matt Russell, Jun. 12, 2014


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