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Spousal support may be coming Gwyneth Paltrow’s way

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2014 | Spousal Support

Gwyneth Paltrow has separated from her husband, Chris Martin, who is a member of the rock band Coldplay. While she and Martin are in the process of divorcing, she will be seeking spousal support from him. Her attitude has changed somewhat toward her husband because she now appears to be angry and is attempting to obtain the support despite having her own multi-million dollar fortune. She announced that she was “consciously uncoupling” from him earlier this year.

It might seem that she is being selfish, however, she maintains that she will have the children in her custody for the majority of time and feels that her husband can do the right thing and give her a sum of some $25 million. Forbes reports that Martin actually made more than Paltrow in 2013. The band Coldplay made roughly $64 million and Martin claims 40 percent for himself. This creates the picture that Martin is the breadwinner in the family and may be required to pay spousal support.

Martin is claiming that Paltrow is telling reporters of an extra-marital affair he allegedly had and this is affecting his attitude. He may not be readily handing over spousal support unless ordered to because of this. Making him look less sympathetic in the press is apparently the goal of the media leaks, according to Radar Online.

While it is well-known that the two had an open marriage, the definition of cheating may have been different for the two. Radar reports that Paltrow demanded fidelity from Martin while she was allowed to date outside the marriage because she felt she was more mature emotionally.

At first blush, Martin and Paltrow tried to make the divorce as civil as possible; it seems that with her announcements to the press, Paltrow is alienating her soon-to-be ex-husband.

If you find yourself in need of spousal support, you may want to contact a professional who can offer advice and look out for your best interests. An expert in spousal support and divorce can guide you through a sometimes confusing process.

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