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‘Conscious uncoupling’ is still divorce in Texas

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2014 | Divorce

It seems that there is no place in the world like Hollywood. It has its own word list and the newest buzz phrase is what Gweneth Paltrow calls “conscious uncoupling.” She and her rocker husband, Chris Martin, who is the front man for the band, Coldplay, have made a decision to divorce and the words they use are causing a lot of people to wonder what is meant.

What does the term mean? A reporter for the Hollywood Reporter said it sounds like a phrase from a therapist in Malibu. The term actually did originate with a therapist and she has authored a book that has five steps to the process that helps the couple release any negative energy in the divorce and she says it helps them reclaim control over their life.

The author says that the current model of marriage is based on a time in history when lives were much shorter, so marriages were for a shorter time, but nonetheless were still for a lifetime. Most people will have two to three relationships in their lives which mean one or two divorces, in the case of marriage. Though the author doesn’t know Paltrow she appreciates her and Martin’s courage in taking this route.

Some people don’t appreciate the terminology while others embrace it and applaud Paltrow from a public relations standpoint. She and her husband have two children so their desire to have a peaceful divorce is paramount. No child wants their parents’ separation to be blasted negatively around the globe.

A public relations expert had only good things to say about the way that the two are divorcing. They seem to want what is best for them and their children. It is a message of solidarity that is refreshing.

The problem that many couples — in Texas, Hollywood, or anywhere else across the country — run into when they try to divorce in a civil matter is finding a professional who can help them do just that. A true professional will help you divorce in a civil way while protecting what is yours.

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