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Musical highlights all aspects of divorce in a lighthearted way

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2014 | Divorce

Being successful after a divorce is something everyone strives for, and one woman, who calls it the best revenge, has written a musical called, “Till Divorce Do Us Part,” after her marriage of 34 years ended. Her ex-husband left her for a younger woman and she was angry about it so she poured her anger into writing. She worked with a composer who assisted her in writing earnest, sincere and funny odes about having to be the only one flying the plane after refueling emotionally.

Audiences who watch this musical laugh out loud at songs that are called things like, “Gallery of Cads,” which has a line or two in it to famous divorced men like John Edwards and Arnold Schwartzenegger. Other songs are called, “Holidays Suck,” “Better Mad than Sad,” and perhaps the best one, “You Were a Whole Lot Cuter Before.” The final song is called, “Best Friend Rag,” and is a gift to those girlfriends who help out when the going gets tough — those that don’t leave you alone in your hour of need.

The author of this musical studied theater and choreography and said she was set on not writing a divorce lament that was a formula for sadness. She made this musical upbeat because she needed to. When her husband left her she was understandably devastated, and she slowly realized that her life would go on without him.

In fact, she sold all the jewelry her ex-husband had bought her to fund the first showing of her musical in 2012 and, since her show is still running and her ex-husband’s Broadway show just went under, she feels like she has done well for herself. She feels sad too because those who were employed for her husband now do not have a job.

Divorce is complicated. Spouses often feel they have spent years making their loved one’s life better to the detriment of their own. While there may have been great years together, a divorce forces you to focus on the next stage of life and make them great as well. If you feel like you may be headed for divorce, you may want to consult an attorney who can guide you through the legal maze of spousal and child support, asset division, and other confusing issues.

Source: Huffington Post, “Till divorce do us part” Jill Brooke, Mar. 14, 2014


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