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Judge rules in Houston bank CEO’s favor on child support

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2014 | Family Law

Divorce can be a complicated process for parents of young children. When it’s a high-asset divorce, it can get downright messy. Even after family law issues like alimony, property division and child support have been settled, wealthy divorcees often have the financial means to go back and seek a post-divorce modification months or even years after the divorce has been finalized. Such is the case with a local Houston businessman.

Green Bancorp CEO, Green Bank founder and multimillionaire Manny Mehos and his wife divorced in 2011. The wife retained primary custody of the couple’s two young children who lived with her in New York City. The two have been embroiled in an ongoing high-profile custody case that might be nearing its end.

Mehos has been paying court-ordered child support of $5,000 per month since April 2013. A Houston judge recently overturned that decision. He stopped the monthly child support payments and ordered that Mehos’ ex-wife return the more than $50,000 she had received from him over the previous year. This decision is financially devastating to Mehos’ unemployed ex-wife, as it could mean that she will lose the swanky Upper West Side apartment that she and her children resided in.

This ongoing custody case and decision on child support has been widely covered in the press because the judge based his decision partly on the fact that the ex-wife had an abortion just one year after the divorce was finalized. Mehos’ attorneys claimed that the abortion made her less credible, and it seems as though the judge also agreed. Women’s rights advocates do not go along with the claim and state that the abortion should have nothing to do with the ruling.

No matter how simple or complicated a divorce may be, a judge’s ruling may not always be the one that is expected. Expert legal representation can help to ensure that court orders are fair and unbiased and in the best interests of all parties involved.

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