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Part Two: Six signs of marriage killers

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2014 | Divorce

There are six identifying characteristics that a marriage may need rehabilitating or even a divorce. In order to identify whether your marriage can be saved, you first need to see if you dream of life without your spouse quite a bit, believe that the cons outweigh the pros and have a hard time sharing your feelings. Part two of these six ideas are the following:

Do you find yourself putting up a fight or your spouse really getting defensive whenever a conflict or issue comes up? If you find yourself constantly not heeding your husband or wife’s concerns or if you or your spouse become critical of the other’s beliefs, it may be time to contact a therapist for counseling. If that doesn’t produce results, perhaps it’s time to go another route. Not acknowledging your spouse’s ideas or feelings could be a sign that you may be headed for divorce. When either of you feel the need to defend yourself all the time, problems can arise.

Another area of concern is if you feel like you are the only one interested in saving your marriage. Your mate may be putting up defense mechanisms because he or she is afraid of arguing. Burying his or her head in the sand will not help and can be frustrating. It can also be a marriage killer. Your spouse may be leaving you to take care of all the problems in your marriage and if you don’t, he or she may blame you. It definitely will take both of you to make a marriage work.

The final area of concern is if one of you desires sex and the other seems to never want it. If your mate does not desire you or you have no interest in being intimate with him or her, this can be detrimental to your relationship. The sexuality of a relationship like marriage is paramount and not having it may cause great damage to your marriage. If you don’t respond to your husband or wife, you may see your marriage expire.

It may be time to contact an attorney for a consultation about divorce. As sad as it is to lose a relationship you have come into with great love, it is even sadder to stay out of convenience. You could go years without feeling the love you need.

Source: Huffington Post, “6 signs you marriage is headed for divorce” Cathy Meyer, Jan. 25, 2014


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