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Part 2: Tips on surviving divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2014 | Divorce

Part two of this series on surviving divorce will address more of the issues that one person had to deal with when facing divorce. Many times, a divorce can be demeaning to both your mental health and your physical health. This is one person’s journey from defeated to triumphant.

One of the issues that this person dealt with was the fact that her spouse often was critical of her, and he made her feel that her work was not important. She felt as though what she did was beneath his standards so she simply quit doing it. In her case, it was writing. She quit her passion for her marriage.

Has this happened to you? This can actually go both ways and it can be the woman being critical of her spouse. Are you contemplating leaving and divorcing your spouse? If you are, you will need a compassionate fighter – an attorney on your side who is watching out for your best interests.

When this person got married, she was a dancer, a writer, a teacher of dance, and she and her husband had a child. When she finally made the very difficult decision to divorce her husband, she was left with the baggage that comes from being with someone who does not want to see you reach your dreams. Her child began to have seizures, and she was able to put her divorce in perspective; however she also had to come to grips with the fact that she had let go of the things that she loved most in life: dancing and writing.

This person began to dance again, even though she was essentially too old for it, in order to show her child that a person can be successful and happy in what she does. She began many new activities to get over the divorce. She began to teach ballet in order to regain the person she left behind in her marriage.

No one should have to be a different person in order to stay married. If you find that you have given so much of yourself in order to stay married, you need a skilled attorney to talk to – one who will be your advocate through a difficult process.

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