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Clint Eastwood blocks ex-wife’s request for alimony

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2013 | Spousal Support

Almost all Texas men and women would love to avoid the possibility of having to pay spousal support to their ex-spouse in the event of a divorce. Even some rich and famous celebrities who have a net worth of millions of dollars all but refuse to shell out money for monthly alimony payments. Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood is trying to work with the courts to ensure that his ex-wife, former broadcaster Dina Eastwood, doesn’t get any alimony.

Clint’s reasoning behind the request is that he and Dina signed a prenuptial agreement, and he believes the court should honor it. If, for some reason, it ends up ignored in the nasty divorce battle, then his entire $375 million fortune could be at stake. According to California law, Dina, Clint’s wife of 16 years, could be entitled to half of it. This has him worried, as the divorce from his first wife in 1983 cost him $23 million.

On top of alimony, Dina is also requesting full custody of their 16-year-old daughter. Clint wants joint custody; however, it is not known if this is a topic addressed in the couple’s prenup.

Divorce is rarely easy, especially when so much money is at stake. However, if the two signed a prenuptial agreement, then the court will likely accept it, unless there is an issue with it or some sort of exception involved. In this case, Dina will likely want to continue enjoying the standard of living that she has had while being married to Clint, so that may be a factor in the divorce. In any case, it is hopeful that the two will arrive at a fair solution.

For those who haven’t reached celebrity status just yet, it’s important to know how to protect your rights and interests during a divorce. Divorce attorneys can help with issues such as child support and custody, alimony and property division, and work to help their clients get their fair share in when marriages don’t last.

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