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Timbaland’s wife demands two types of alimony in split

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2013 | Spousal Support

Texas music lovers may have heard of music producer Timbaland, who has worked with Justin Timberlake and other R&B and pop artists. The successful hit-maker’s wife recently filed for divorce, and she has a long list of demands, including not one, but two types of alimony.

Timbaland’s wife gave birth to their daughter in 2007, and the couple wed the following year. She recently served the 41-year-old collaborator with divorce papers – and a long list of demands. She is seeking child support for not only their daughter, but also her 10-year-old son – whom Timbaland did not even father. However, she claims that Timbaland has considered the son as his own.

Timbaland’s wife is also demanding life insurance for herself, as well as summer camp and private school tuition for the children. She is also seeking money for vacations and other expenses. She is also asking that Timbaland continue to support her financially during the divorce proceedings. She claims she needs the money for lawyer’s fees, as she reportedly had to borrow money to pay for the divorce filing.

But that’s not all. After the divorce has been finalized, Timbaland’s wife is also demanding spousal support in the forms of rehabilitative alimony and permanent alimony. She is seeking a lump sum payment from her estranged spouse, who is worth $80 million.

Celebrity divorces can be messy because there are often so many assets at stake. When there is no prenuptial agreement in place – which seems unlikely in this case – the sky’s the limit. The other spouse can take advantage of the situation and demand tens of millions of dollars. Those who are going through a similar situation should ensure that their legal rights are protected. There are ways to protect one’s finances and keep them out of a messy divorce battle.

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