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New app to solve two family law issues: communication and money

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2013 | Family Law

When couples divorce and they have children, there are likely to be some disputes down the road. If one parent gets custody of the children, then the other pays child support. Having to make these monthly payments can be a source of friction, especially when the divorce was on unfriendly terms. Who wants to communicate about financial issues with an ex-spouse? With a new app, these common family law issues can be eliminated.

California-based technology company Ittavi has created a new app called Support Pay that allows divorced couples to review and pay child support bills quickly and painlessly. The innovative interface allows parents to scan a bill with their mobile device or upload it. The other parent can then review and pay it. If he or she has any concerns, the bill can be disputed.

The chief executive officer of the company used her own personal experience to create the Support Pay app. She went through a divorce a few years ago. She hopes that the app will help parents understand the costs involved in raising a child and rest assured knowing that the child support payments are actually going toward child-rearing expenses.

This online service offers limited functions free of charges. Those who want the full version will need to pay $19.99. The iOS version will be available in November, while a version for the Android platform is nearing approval.

Child support issues cannot always be avoided, but it’s always good when divorced couples have one less thing to fight about. If the divorce was bitter, it can be difficult for parents to swallow their pride, and be cordial in front of the children. However, children are more likely to thrive emotionally when they see their parents behave in a civil manner.

Parents going through a divorce have many things to think about when it comes to the well-being of their children. Those who have questions and concerns about child custody and support issues may wish to discuss their rights with a legal professional.

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