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After son’s near-fatal accident, Usher keeps child custody

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2013 | Child Custody

In some cases, it may be necessary for a noncustodial parent to request an emergency modification of a child custody order. This could happen if the noncustodial parent believes the current custody arrangement puts the child’s safety at risk. Recently, the ex-wife of R&B singer Usher sought an emergency custody change after one their children fell into a pool and nearly drowned.

Music fans in Texas may recall that Usher and his former wife have had more than their fair share of family strife and tragedy. Their divorce involved a difficult child custody dispute, and the mother’s 11-year-old son (Usher’s stepson) died in a watercraft accident less than a year ago. The more recent incident was undoubtedly harrowing for both mother and father.

The parents’ 5-year-old son was apparently under the supervision of Usher’s aunt when the little boy fell in the pool and got stuck in a drain. After a housekeeper was unable to pull the boy out, a worker on the premises rescued the child and gave him CPR.

The child was conscious when emergency personnel arrived, and he remained in a hospital as of Aug. 9.

In court, Usher’s ex-wife claimed that he fails to tell her where he and the children are and who is caring for them. The judge hearing the request told Usher to do a better job of keeping his ex-wife informed, but the ruling was that the custody arrangement should remain as it is.

The judge said the evidence didn’t suggest that the accident could have been prevented, so a modification wasn’t called for.

After the decision, Usher reportedly gave his former spouse a long hug.

Source:, “Judge sides with Usher in child custody battle,” Kate Brumback, Aug. 9, 2013


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