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Dallas family law court rules that the Sanders prenup will stand

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2013 | Family Law

We have discussed the divorce unfolding in Texas between Deion Sanders and his wife of 14 years in various capacities across this blog. There have been allegations of domestic violence, disputes over custody and claims by Deion that all of the media attention surrounding his split is negatively impacting his career and endorsement deals. The couple’s divorce trial began this month, and in the latest development, an arbitrator has ruled that the prenuptial agreement the couple signed will be upheld.

We have discussed on previous occasions that prenuptial agreements are difficult to overturn in Texas, but can be done if there is evidence of hidden assets or funds, coercion in signing the document, unenforceable conditions or a few other specific circumstances. The terms of the Sanders prenup stated that in the event of divorce, Pilar would receive child support and $1 million. However, Deion has custody of the three children the couple had together, which means that he does not have to pay child support.

Now Pilar Sanders’s legal team is looking to overturn the prenup because they feel they have evidence that there were hidden funds when the agreement was signed, which could mean Pilar would be entitled to more money in the divorce. Deion’s attorney says that the case is closed and the prenup will stand.

High-asset divorces very often have the potential to morph into high-conflict divorces. Often there is anger and resentment, which can cloud a divorcing individual’s thinking and lead to long, emotionally-draining litigation. An experienced legal attorney can be crucial in fighting for the interest of a divorcing individual when it comes to property division, alimony, child custody, child support and ensuring the validity of a prenup. Divorce can be hard, but it can be easier with a strong advocate.

Source: New York Post, “No end zone for Deion Sanders divorce war,” March 24, 2013

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