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Can residents of Texas obtain a modification of a divorce decree?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2013 | Family Law

It is no easy feat obtaining a divorce modification following a divorce decree in Texas. However, with the assistance of an experienced family law attorney, there are certain circumstances in which an individual in Houston or elsewhere across the state may be able to obtain a modification of a divorce decree. The most common modifications individuals seek relate to the children exes had together.

Specifically, if a parent wishes to relocate their child, seek extended visitation rights or modify their child support payments, a modification lawyer will be critical. As we have previously touched upon, child support payments are paramount to the best interest and continued financial support of the child after a divorce. Parents need to realize that an unaddressed failure to pay child support disadvantages the child more than any other party.

Accordingly, parents that fail to pay their child support in Texas incur serious consequences, not excluding arrest. However, these efforts do not always mean that the child ultimately receives the financial support that they need. A county in one state has taken an unusual and effective approach in handling parents looking to shirk their child support obligations.

Deputies in that county are not arresting parents with late payments, but rather they are placing boots on the parent’s car tire, preventing them from being able to drive until the child support is paid. The county reports that a huge influx of payments have been made following the beginning of this program two years ago. One deputy reports that with less frequency does he still have to place the boot because, “As I’m approaching the house, the person will come outside and say, ‘I’ll take care of the bench warrant, you don’t have to boot my car.'”

In this economy, some parents no longer have the same income that they did when the child support payments were initially issued. In such instances, a child support modification could be in order, but it is critical to do so through the court and with the assistance of an attorney. Failing to obtain a modification and continuing to ignore child support responsibilities might not be met with the inability to drive in Texas, but it will be met with other consequences.

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