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Struggling NFL player seeks support modifications

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2012 | Paternity

Largely, the fantasy football season is coming to an end. The excitement is now shifting toward the Super Bowl. But one NFL player seems to be lacking any optimism in his life. Terrell Owens, known for his football career but also his work on reality TV, is now being referred to by his family law attorney as “a man without a team.”

In the family law world, a professional football player without a team presents a problem for any children that he might have fathered. Owens’ proven paternity of multiple kids means that he has the court-ordered responsibility to pay child support for each child. When income changes, however, a parent can try to get a court to allow him to pay less in support.

Owens’ football career is at a relatively low point currently, and the family law judge didn’t hesitate to point that out during a recent hearing. Sources report that the judge suggested to Owens that his future in football doesn’t look very promising anymore. While most family law processes can be stressful and emotional, Owens probably didn’t expect to get an earful about his future in the NFL.

But since Owens’ reason for being in court was to try to get two child support modifications, perhaps the judge’s opinion on the star’s career will support his argument. Owens allegedly isn’t bringing in as much money as he used to and, therefore, wants the amounts that he owes in support to reflect his decrease in income.

While the judge was quick to give his opinion about Owens’ future in the league, he did reserve some decision making. He will rule on the child support modification requests at a later time.


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