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Deion Sanders’ Texas divorce heats up

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2012 | Divorce

In a previous divorce post, we discussed famous athlete Deion Sanders and the ending of his marriage to his estranged wife Pilar. They have been married for about 12 years and have three children together. What looked like it might have been an amicable divorce, however, seems to have taken a turn for the nasty.

In the past post, we noted that Pilar didn’t want out of the marriage. She was supposedly hoping to work on the relationship, despite the fact that Deion had filed for their Texas divorce. But her attitude regarding the divorce has changed. This means that a contested divorce is ahead of the family, including a fight for child custody and money.

According to USA Today, Pilar hasn’t just turned and decided that she wants out of the high-profile marriage. She’s throwing out some pretty serious accusations against her estranged husband. She claims that he was abusive toward her and that he engaged in infidelity multiple times while she cared for their children.

Arguments such as those will likely be used to support Pilar’s reported hopes of getting the couple’s prenuptial agreement thrown out, as well as getting full custody of their children. Whether a court would agree to such terms is for the future to tell.

When a prenuptial agreement exists in a marriage, it is somewhat notable that one spouse would try to get it tossed out. This will likely create a great amount of drama and accusation launching into the couple’s divorce process. Creating a prenuptial agreement is usually a way to try to avoid a contentious divorce. But whatever is in the agreement apparently must not satisfy Pilar’s expectations of what she has earned by being half of her marriage.

When there are more details about this high-profile, high-asset divorce, we will post an update.


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