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An ex-boyfriend backs “The Biebs” in paternity dispute

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2011 | Paternity

In a previous post, we shared how the popular teen heartthrob Justin Bieber was in the midst of a paternity dispute. He’s only 17 years old (nearly a kid himself) and has been named as the father of a 20-year-old woman’s baby. The woman claims she and Bieber were together after a Los Angeles concert last year, but “The Biebs” has adamantly denied the claim.

Not only has Bieber denied the paternity allegation, but he recently went ahead to prove the truth by taking a DNA test. Before there’s been time to learn the result of the paternity test, another person wants to step forward and take the test as well: an ex-boyfriend of the mother who claims he is sick of how his ex is using their baby to attract the media and try to get money.

The ex-boyfriend suspects that he is the father, reportedly based on what his ex has told him and things that she has texted to her friends. He says his ex has confessed to him that the Bieber story is a lie. Plus, his ex has supposedly told a friend to try to erase all evidence on his phone that suggests Bieber isn’t the father.

Of course, these new reports come from a potentially unreliable source. The ex-boyfriend was recently arrested for drug crimes and burglary. He could be in this for the media attention as well.

What seems to get lost in all of this is the 4-month-old child. For the sake of his security, it will be a relief to see this paternity mystery come to an end and for the identified biological father to do what really matters in this scenario: support the child.


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